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Right Place, Right Time

Lake Motosuko, Japan

Catch the pink carpet of blossom blooming at the base of Mt. Fuji

Think Japan is all about cherry blossom? Wrong. Come spring, the base of Mount Fuji is the only place to be.

The month-long Fuji Shibazakura Festival is one of Japan’s most spectacular sights. As winter yields, 800,000 plants burst into bloom just 3km from Lake Motosuko, covering the landscape in a sensational shock of pink.

Best reached via train, entry doesn’t cost much – especially considering the rewards. For an uninterrupted view of the majestic peak of Mt Fuji, your Ray-Ban Chromance lenses will cut the glare reflecting off the eye-wateringly white snow – so you witness the killer contrast at its best.

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Credit: jiratto/Getty