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Built From Color

Cadillac Ranch, Texas, USA

Drive through the desert haze to spot psychedelic art

Petrol-heads, this is for you: a neon-bright pit stop on Route 66 that’s literally a bumper crop.

This is one of the strangest and most colorful sights along America’s legendary Route 66 – a neat row of vintage Cadillacs sprouting from a field. This paint-splattered exhibition was born in 1974 when artists from San Francisco drove 10 cars into a wheat field and half buried them nose-down.

As you approach, you’ll be hit by the bold, clashing colors – the shades maximized through your Ray-Ban Chromance lenses – as well as the smell of spray paint. Over the years, visitors have graffitied the cars in crazy patterns. If you’re feeling inspired, leave your own tag behind.

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Credit: Ken L Howard/Alamy