Color Seekers

  • Full Spectrum

    • The Wave, Arizona, USA

      Hike across scorched sands to reach this warped red rockscape

    • Texaco Hill, Kansas, USA

      Grab your bike and climb the cresting hills of this vast green prairie

    • Hubei Shennongjia, China

      Spot rare animals in these untouched emerald-cloaked mountains

    • Peyto Lake, Canada

      Hike to the ultimate viewpoint for a killer vista of this cyan lake

    • Moraine Lake, Canada

      Skim across serene turquoise waters to experience this lake up close

    • Mendenhall
      Ice Caves, Alaska, USA

      Kayak to the glowing ice caves of this glacier for a true adventure

    • Lake Tahoe, California, USA

      Paddleboard the ice blue waters of one of America’s deepest lakes

    • Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

      Experience an explosion of color under 22 types of wisteria

    • Sault, France

      Cycle through fields of lavender and immerse yourself in a purple haze

    • Kalaw, Myanmar

      Taste the fiery hot air on an epic trek through chili fields

  • Right Place, Right Time

    • Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA

      Catch an explosion of color at an awe-inspiring geyser

    • Maasai Mara, Kenya

      Get your timing right: witness the world-famous annual Great Migration

    • Hoi An, Vietnam

      Rise with the sun to watch fishermen haul in their nets by dawn’s glow

    • Cappadocia, Turkey

      Soar above the rugged rockscape among a kaleidoscope of color

    • Jaipur, India

      Ready, aim, fire – it’s total color warfare during Holi Festival

    • Snow Hill Island, Antarctica

      Ride a helicopter to the distant colonies at the far edge of the Earth

    • Langjökull Glacier, Iceland

      Snowmobile across a glistening glacier where the sun never sets

    • Chiemsee Lake, Germany

      Witness the lilac-gold dawn light dance across this tranquil lake

    • Lake Motosuko, Japan

      Catch the pink carpet of blossom blooming at the base of Mt. Fuji

    • Oruro, Bolivia

      Party like nowhere else at this wild, dizzying carnival of color

  • Color Clash

    • Lake Natron, Tanzania

      Fly in on hopper plane to see the marbled blood-red lake

    • River of Five Colors, Colombia

      Saddle up and trek through lush rainforest to this ‘liquid rainbow’

    • Zhangye Danxia, China

      Hike deep into the sharply striped ridges of this ancient mountainside

    • Celestún, Mexico

      Behold 3,000 flocking flamingos turn this blue lagoon fierce pink

    • Serranías del Hornocal, Argentina

      Buckle up and head off-road to see these jagged, zigzag mountains

    • Bohol Island, Philippines

      Feast your eyes on real-life chocolate hills that stretch on and on

    • Rotorua,
      New Zealand

      Feel the energy of a volcanic waterpark bubbling with heat and color

    • Dallol, Ethiopia

      Ride a camel through scorching heat to take in technicolor springs

    • Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA

      Hike up high for insane views of this paint-box bright spring

    • Red Sea Beach, China

      Walk high above the world’s biggest marsh that burns bright red

  • Off The Beaten Track

    • Torres del Paine, Chile

      Saddle up for an exhilarating ride through glacial wilderness

    • Glen Canyon, Arizona, USA

      Look straight down the line of symmetry at this ultimate viewpoint

    • Lake Skadar, Montenegro

      Kayak across this verdant green water lily-filled lake in summer

    • Allgäu Alps, Germany

      Trek this arduous trail for stunning vistas and alpine panoramas

    • Five Flower Lake, China

      Journey deep into remote forests to glimpse a paint-box-bright lake

    • Perito Moreno, Argentina

      Sail freezing waters dotted with icebergs to the face of the glacier

    • Blue Lake,
      New Zealand

      Hike for days and earn your view of the world’s purest water

    • Yuanyang County, China

      Peer over the precipice at gravity-defying terraces

    • Marble Caves, Chile

      Cross a glacial lake to see caves cut from a swirling marble peninsula

    • Mackenzie Delta, Canada

      Fly on and on over this spectacular contrasting blue-green delta

  • Alternate Universe

    • Rio Tinto, Spain

      Jump on a rickety railway for the best view of this blood-red river

    • Escalante, Utah, USA

      Traverse the deep-red ripples of this huge, snaking canyon-land

    • Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

      Walk in the footsteps of giants over these towering ancient columns

    • Apostle Islands Ice Caves, Wisconsin, USA

      Walk on water to reach these remote caves carved in the ice

    • Deadvlei, Namibia

      Conquer the dunes for uninterrupted views of this scorched wasteland

    • Okama Crater Lake, Japan

      Witness the killer optical illusion of this color-changing lake

    • Pamukkale, Turkey

      Relax in the warmth of these pure-white calcium springs

    • Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

      Cruise across a giant mirror at the world’s largest salt flat

    • Antelope Canyon, Arizona

      Traverse the terrain of this burnt-umber canyon deep in Navajo land

    • Lake Retba, Senegal

      Fish for salt in the depths of this surreal milkshake-pink lake

  • Built From Color

    • Wrocław, Poland

      Wander through the winding brightly colored cobbled streets

    • St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

      Stroll through Red Square to see the towering, twisting turrets

    • Bagan, Myanmar

      Motorbike through ancient plains to catch a truly golden sunset

    • Willemstad, Curaçao

      Check out the color-pop of European architecture on a tropical island

    • Valparaíso, Chile

      Ride a rattling funicular to see the city pop against the blue Pacific

    • Bo-Kaap,
      South Africa

      Sample market delights in this multicolored neighborhood

    • Burano, Italy

      Sail the bold and bright streets of this historic, color-block island

    • Chefchaouen, Morocco

      Explore color-washed cobbled streets that blend into the blue sky

    • Marina Corricella, Italy

      Climb to the highest point of the island for a breathtaking view

    • Cadillac Ranch, Texas, USA

      Drive through the desert haze to spot psychedelic art